Real Estate Careers

Real Estate Careers in Park City

Have you ever thought about starting a real estate career – in the Greater Park City area? Are you an experienced agent? Jess Reid – Christie’s International Real Estate is proud to have 30 full time agents whose experiences are unmatched. We are always looking for fresh and experienced talent in our office and if you think you have what it takes contact us today!

Top 20 reasons why our team enjoys working at Jess Reid –
Christie’s International Real Estate

  1. Active Company Founder: Jess Reid, Principal Broker, has over 35 years experience in real estate in Park City and still actively runs the company – a great resource for all of the agents.
  2. Robust Web Site: Our new website not only creates the image you want but is a proven lead producer as well.
  3. Agent Web Sites: Agent websites are very sophisticated, innovative and made available by the company should you choose.
  4. Start-up Training: Start-up training for new agents is offered at our company, over the years we are the only company to offer training in Park City about Park City real estate.
  5. Our Locations: Strategic locations make it very easy for prospective clients to walk in to talk about all of their real estate needs plus the added exposure to our market.
  6. “Mini Sales Training” at our sales meetings: Ongoing training helps us all to stay “up” on issues that we are facing day-to-day through group discussions, sharing and by bringing in outside speakers – from designers to attorneys.
  7. Staff Support: From marketing to uploading listings to managing transactions, our staff is there for you. Our ratio of staff to agents is the best in town.
  8. Marketing and Advertising: As a company we cover the range from print media to direct mail to the Internet – locally, nationally and internationally.
  9. Your personal marketing: Our marketing team is there help you create marketing plans for each listing; including flyers, mailers, newsletters and any other creative marketing ideas you may have.
  10. Office Camaraderie: Great working atmosphere with opportunities for partnering and mentoring with other agents.
  11. Electronic Listing Presentation: Available to all agents our customizable listing presentation can be sent out electronically to clients.
  12. High-speed and Wireless Internet: High speed and wireless Internet at incredibly high speeds.
  13. Photography: We have the resources for you to get great photography for each of your listings, a huge selling factor!
  14. Credibility: After 30 years Jess Reid – Christie’s International Real Estate is the longest lived broker in Park City, there must be a reason why we have been successful for that many years.
  15. Exposure: The Reid Building located at the intersection of the main roads in and out of town provides 24 hour exposure through the best most visible signage in town.
  16. Floor time: Every year we produce hundreds of leads from this valuable resource for our agents.
  17. Branding: We not only have the longest running local brand in town but we also have the extremely high-end national and international brand through Christie’s International Real Estate. The best of both worlds.
  18. Market Share: We typically are in the top four companies in our market year after year.
  19. Per Agent Productivity: We are one of the highest in the local market for per agent productivity and average sold price.
  20. Not Bigger, Just Better: You or your clients won’t get lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other agents and clients like many of our larger competitors.

New? Interested? Trusted resources:

Stringham Real Estate School in Salt Lake Citythis resource will provide you with the requirements that you need to get your real estate license and the leg-work that needs to be done to get licensed in Utah and you will be on the right path to having a real estate career in Park City

Park City Board of Realtors – the Park City Board of Realtors is our main hub in the real estate industry in Park City.

Utah Association of Realtors –  a state-wide site that covers requirements of Realtors and has information regarding ethics and legal matters.

Contact Us! If you think you have what it takes or want to learn more about working in the Park City real estate and starting a real estate career in Park City market e-mail us your resume or call us today to set up an interview.