Tom Ward, Associate Broker at Jess Reid Real Estate since 1994

If you are thinking of selling a home, either in the near-term or in a few years, you will want to solicit professional advice on how to best prepare.

Home staging is of course the act of preparing a private residence for sale to appeal to prospective buyers.  A good agent can walk into a home and point to things (both large and small) that will make the property more universally appealing.  In addition, home staging professionals have defined guidelines, which when followed, allow buyers to focus on the space, rather than get distracted by the personal taste and design sensibilities of the current owner.

A common practice among agents that place a high importance on this preparatory phase is to arrange a time for their client to walk through his or her home, room-by-room, with a professional staging consultant.  The seller, the consultant and the list agent work together to create a customized “to-do” list to be completed prior to the home coming on the market.  These preliminary measures are typically accomplished in the month or two leading up to a home being listed for sale.  But it is never too early to be preparing for a successful sale!


A smart owner will take steps to prepare well in advance of any concrete plans to move.  And a real estate agent with expertise in this area will be happy to assist!

Bringing a Realtor in early in the game can help you identify, evaluate and prioritize any larger improvement projects that might take more time to complete but would be worth undertaking. For example, if you can only afford one change at a time, should you upgrade the kitchen, the bathroom or the landscaping first?  A Realtor understands best which changes improve the value of the property, relative to buyer preferences.  In addition, this strategy allows you to reap the benefit of having time to enjoy any changes you’ve made!

Having and following a market preparation checklist is proven to produce results (i.e., impacting days on market and/or sales price).  Give me a call if you would like to receive a standard checklist for making sure your property is ready for sale, or if you would like to start planning today for a future sale.