Jess Reid Chasing Wild Buffalo? Yikes!

Jess Reid Chasing Wild Buffalo? Yikes!

Antelope Island, October 25, 2013 – Jess Reid and long-time friend Dean Berrett participated in their 23rd consecutive wild buffalo roundup for the state of Utah. Yep, that’s right these old guys are really that crazy. They camped out for 4 nights on Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, OMG!

Buffalo Round Up

Jess Reid sits on his horse on Antelope Island with a herd of buffalo and Salt Lake in the distance.

The island is a state park and the 750 buffalo are the purest strain of bison left in North America – they have been on the island since 1880’s.

The island is 15 miles long, 5 miles wide with a mountain ridge running through the middle of it. Every year, cowboys push the bison to the north-end of the island to giant holding pens. After the bison are blood-tested by volunteer veterinarians, some are sold for meat and some new bison are brought into the herd and they are let free to roam the island.

Yippie Ky Yah Yo!

Jess Standing on his horse

Is he standing on his horse?