Christie’s New York City Christmas Cheer

Christie’s New York City Christmas Cheer

Tom Ward, of Team Park City from Jess Reid-Christie’s International Real Estate, visited New York City recently. Ward visited the Christie’s International auction house in the city on Friday December 6. The Christie’s building is located adjacent to Rockefeller Center, where the night before the iconic Christmas tree was lit for the season, a New York City holiday-staple.

“Huge sales happen each and every day at the auction house in New York City” said Ward. It just so happened that the day that Ward visited the auction house they sold the guitar that Bob Dylan used at the Newport Folk Festival when he went electric in 1965.  It sold for $965k!

The Christie’s auction house and this particular location in the city is not a typical Christie’s real estate office, however it is the New York headquarters for real estate brand marketing.  Tom Ward was kindly greeted when he arrived by Julia and Julie, who work in the real estate department, and he was given a nice tour of the building. “I saw two rooms that were used for auctions and a tour of the incredible jewelry on display for an upcoming auction.” Tom explained that,  “An interesting fact that most people don’t know is that they are open to the public who can come in to view jewelry, art, furniture, or whatever is coming up for auction.”

Next time you are in the city stop by the Christie’s building to see the incredible displays on auction. Feel free to contact Tom Ward if you have questions about his visit or would like advice on how to get to Christie’s in the city and what to see when you are nearby.